Have a local guide for several days - that is how to really enjoy and use your stay !!!

Have you already had a vacation when on the last day of your holiday you figured out what you all missed?
Then it's time to learn from your mistakes and make the most of your holiday in Dubrovnik!
With a local guide this is especially fun because you do not have to leaf through the brochures, browse Internet sites or even learn Croatian so the locals understand what you want ...
For these reasons I have summarized following offers / suggestions:
Tour 1 - Let's take the first walking tour of the Old Town Dubrovnik!
This tour takes about 90 minutes and you get the first overview of the beauties and the most important of this town.
My recommendation is to do this city tour right at the beginning of your holiday - either on the day of arrival or immediately the first day of your holiday in the morning. Do not miss to get the first info to fully enjoy your stay in Dubrovnik.
Tour 2 - now let's go a bit into the details - the history of the commercial state of Ragusa what we call the city of Dubrovnik today.
This tour lasts up to 3 hours and depending on your interest, we will walk through the Old Town and to the city walls, take the cable car to Srd Mountain or even drive to Lokrum Island.
The old town itself already offers many opportunities like visiting beautiful churches and museums, get to know the everyday life of Dubrovnik, taste some traditional sweets or fruit on the small city market...
From the city walls, not only unique beautiful views extend over the rooftops of the city but you can also see the whole surrounding and imagine how this city was built.
The mountain Srd also offers beautiful views from a height of 400 meters above Dubrovnik - from here you have a good overview of the whole region of Dubrovnik.
Lokrum - the former Benedictine island offers today the opportunity to walk through beautiful gardens, to enjoy the unique botanical wealth together with rabbits, turtles and peacocks and simply to feel "pure nature".
Tour 3 - Special Tour organized according to your wishes
Depending on how long you stay in Dubrovnik, use your guide for another day to experience something that you feel as more important and interesting for you.
Some ideas would be a Game of Thrones Tour, visiting the museums from inside, visiting the port and the Lapad area during a walk, visiting Cavtat or even the Konavle region with its beautiful fruitful fields, traditional meals, liqueurs and / or local wines to taste.
This tour lasts up to 4 hours and you decide in consultation with your guide what you want to see and experience.
The price is 340 Euros for up to 5 persons, 440 Euros for up to 10 persons and 550 Euros for up to 20 persons.
The price refers to the time your local guide spents with you as described above, of course including all information, history, present and tips regarding your stay in our Dubrovnik region.
A guide just for yourself - which you can ask all important questions and also get answers.
A guide from Dubrovnik who can tell you the true story and real life.
A guide oriented towards your interests and does not bore you with years and facts, but make your stay a special experience while staying in Dubrovnik and its surroundings, 
Sounds interesting? I look forward to receive your request, your reservation and, above of all – to welcome you soon in Dubrovnik!

© 2016 by Peggy