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Game of Thrones tour

in Dubrovnik

DURATION: up to 90 minutes - private tour - every day on request
PRICE:  120 Euro for up to 4 persons
              every further person 15 Euro per person
- Walk through and around the old town part
- See the Game of Thrones filming locations
- English speaking licenced guide
- Permission, vat and taxes
Dubrovnik as King`s Landing – join me visiting the exotic filming locations of “Game of Thrones”!
The meeting point for this tour is the west entrance to the city – called Pile gate,
just in front of the main tourist office.
On request, we can organize a transfer for you from your hotel or other destination to Pile gate.
From Pile, together we will walk and visit few filming locations of “Game of Thrones”.
Once the capital of Ragusa, a historic maritime republic, the old city of Dubrovnik and its walls can be clearly identified in the show, as can several of its historic attractions.

A walk through and around this city, gives you the possibility to see following locations:
  • panoramic views to the King`s Landing
  • the Red Keep (the residence of the King of the Andals and the First Men)
  • the place of the navel Battel of Blackwater
  • several views to the magical city of Quarth
  • places where the market scenes were filmed
  • the house of the Undying
During this tour you will not only see and recognise the filming locations but also hear about the real history of this places.
This tour is a great way to get knowledge of Dubrovnik in a simple and unique way – exploring facts from the past and present times combined with invented stories from „Game of Thrones“.
Such a tour can be modified and extended with a boat trip to Lokrum islands and a walk also there, a walk on the city walls or even to drive to the arboretum in Trsteno.