A tour all around

Dubrovnik old town part

DURATION: 3-4 hours - private tour - every day on request
PRICE:  180 Euro for up to 8 persons
              220 Euro for up to 15 persons
              290 Euro for up to 30 persons
The tickets for the city wall and the cable car are not included in this price.
Depending on the season and age, the ticket costs each 20-26 Euro per person.
- See the old town Dubrovnik from all viewpoints
- English speaking licenced guide
- Insurances, permission, vat and taxes
The first goal of this tour is the mountain Srd, an undescribable viewpoint 400 meters above Dubrovnik and we will reach it by driving 4 minutes with the cable car.
The mountain Srd was always a kind of protector for Dubrovnik, primary against the strong wind Bura but also against several attackers who many times tried to capture the Dubrovnik Republic.
After getting back to Dubrovnik town, the second part of this tour is a walk on the city walls.
Already from the very beginning, you will be astonished by the view on to the street Stradun and the whole dimensions of Dubrovnik.
And the last but not less important and interessting part would be a walk through the old town, beside the main churches and monasteries, the rector palace and many narrow streets.

During this tour, you will inspect the history and the development of Dubrovnik town since the 7th century till today. Not only the larger churches and monasteries can be viewed from the walls but also family houses just close to them, where people actually still live.
After the tour you will know who and when built the city walls of this beautiful town, where the main churches are, what monasteries and museums you should visit, who lived in Dubrovnik and how is the economy today. You will have a large overview and a good orientation of what you saw already from above and what would be worth to visit also from the inside part.
I will be at your disposal also after the tour, to provide answers to your questions and give you tips about how to spend your time in Dubrovnik the best way.

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